Musings from a Heart-Shaped Island
preminghana indigenous protected area by Jade Austen


Formerly known as Mt Cameron West, preminghana is a 524 hectare Indigenous Protected Area on the far north western tip of lutruwita / Tasmania. The land, which contains the finest example of ...
putting up the christmas tree with fairy lights


It was a different kind of Christmas this year thanks to our state opening up it’s borders to the rest of Australia and the world. Goodbye normality, hello COVID.
Spring Fagus near Grail Falls by Jade Austen


Lunch under a fagus tree, green with spring leaves. Grail Falls, Walls of Jerusalem NP | Hasselblad 500cm | Delta 3200
Hidden Falls Tasmania on Ilford Delta 3200 by Jade Austen


Bit of a bush bash to get here, but gorgeous to sit behind the waterfall with my cup of tea. Haven’t had much luck with Delta 3200 in the past. It always seemed to lack contrast and be very ...
Snowy road into Devils Gullet with caution signs on Kodak Portra 400 by Jade Austen


It’s time to unlearn the things you learned from wounded people. The road into Devils Gullet, Mersey Forest | Portra 400 | Hasselblad 500cm
Two children and snow man, Tasmania


My favourite season has passed by once more. This winter saw a bit of snow and a lot of rain. Good rain, preparing the ground for summer. It was a randomly warm day yesterday, the second day of ...
Flooding at the Deloraine Train Park

…and then came the rain.

For the past few weeks, in fact for most of July, it has been raining. Deloraine has had 170mm this month and the ground is spongy. The Meander River recorded its highest total July rainfall on ...
Forest and mist detail, Meander Falls Track


We depend on nature not only for our physical survival. We also need nature to show us the way home, the way out of the prison of our own minds. We got lost in doing, thinking, remembering, ...
Cradle Mountain Pandani with raindrops by Jade Austen Tasmania

PANDANI | Cradle Mountain

The world’s tallest heath plant, Pandani (Richea pandanifolia) is endemic to Tasmania and can grow up to 12 metres in height. I always love coming across these guys, for when you see them ...
Doctors Room in The Barracks Willow Court New Norfolk. Jade Austen Portra 160 film.


Willow Court has been known by many names; Invalid Barracks, Colonial Hospital, Madhouse New Norfolk, Her Majesty’s Lunatic Asylum, Mental Diseases Hospital, Lachlan Park and Royal Derwent ...
Morton House originally St Johns Hospital in Charles St Launceston


Originally thought to have been built by Alexander Waddle, a freed convict and hotelkeeper in 1832, the two storey Georgian house was subsequently established as St John’s Hospital in 1845. ...
Mount Ironstone viewed from the top of Syds Track on Ilford Delta 100 film


I can’t remember a lot about this day a month ago, except that it was very windy and the clouds were rolling across the mountain bringing occasional showers and rainbows. I followed one of ...
Foggy morning on the Meander River, Deloraine


River emerges from Lake Meander in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area 1300 metres above sea level, before tumbling over the lip of Bastion Bluff as Meander Falls and zig-zagging beneath ...
Hasselblad looking up to a blurred forest canopy on Kodak tri-x black & white film.


Journal Entry… 11.40am Cold. Sitting beside an unnamed creek on the Grail Falls Track, Walls of Jerusalem NP. Moss on everything. Sun shines weakly through the myrtle and sassafras tops. ...