Bedroom cubby space on tmax p3200

It would be good to give much thought, before you try to find words for something so lost, for those long childhood afternoons you knew that vanished so completely – and why? We’re still reminded -: sometimes by a rain, but we can no longer say what it means; life was never again so filled […]

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Willows at Meander River Deloraine on tri-x film

When i came home from my walk around the river, the house, warmed by the morning sun, smelled of toast. There’s something about toast or bread cooking that stirs up those positive feelings of safety and contentment.

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Monstera in laundromat on Ilford Ortho 80 film.

This is the Deloraine Laundrette on Emu Bay Road. I usually stop in here on my lunchtime walk when I’m at work. I like the spider plants in plastic ice cream containers and the huge old school dryers. What laundromat is complete without a monstera climbing the wall too!

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