Musings from a Heart-Shaped Island
Morning sunlight on Lake Parangana, Mersey Forest Tasmania. Captured on Tri-x film by Jade Austen.


Located north of the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Lake Parangana on the Mersey River is a man-made lake that is quite lovely on still mornings, especially if there’s mist hanging ...
Interior of Lady Lake Hut at the top of Higgs Track, Great Western Tiers.


It was a Friday. It was the first snow of the season, so I went where I usually go when it snows. The first part of the track to Lady Lake Hut was fairly ordinary, Dale Brook was flowing fast ...
Shapes and lines on Deloraine building captured on Tmax 400 black & white film by Jade Hallam


Known as The Catching Pen in the mid 80s, a grungy live music venue at the back of the pub, now a health and wellness centre. West Barrack | Deloraine | Kodak Tmax 400
Fagus at Cradle Mountain on black and white Ilford HP5 film.

FAGUS | Cradle Mountain

Also known as Tanglefoot owing to its twisted ground-hugging branches, Deciduous beech (Nothofagus gunnii) is Tasmania’s only deciduous native. People flock to the Tasmanian Highlands during ...
Wild Wood autumn leaves in backlit forest taken on Tmax 400 film by Jade Austen


The Wild Wood is a 14 acre reserve that borders the Meander River in Deloraine and is packed with deciduous species from the northern hemisphere, mostly sycamore and willow. Despite walking the ...
Dwarf myrtle forest in the Great Western Tiers on Ilford Delta 100 by Jade Austen


Journal Entry …Syds Track. Searching for my final image before heading back down. Here amongst the dwarf myrtles the moss is verdant and bright green. The sky is overcast, light showers ...
Mist on Meander River in Deloraine. Jade Austen. Tri-X film


The days are shorter and the air is getting colder – we had our first big frost yesterday. I hear the footsteps of winter about to round the corner. Meander River | Deloraine | Tri-X +1
Sunlight on tannen waters of Cascade River taken on Tmax p3200


We took a walk down the Cascade River after it burst through the Mount Paris Dam. We followed a family with small children through the rough cut bush track until we could walk no more. I took ...
Sunrise, Tomahawk Beach on Kodak ColorPlus by Jade Austen.


First light over Cape Portland | 6.40am | Kodak ColorPlus I awoke to Xavier Rudd’s Follow the Sun on my iPhone alarm. It was 5.45am and the earliest I’d woken in a while. My body was telling me ...
Mount Paris Dam, concrete with ferns. Jade Austen. Tmax p3200


Day 4 of our NE Easter trip took us to the disused Mount Paris Dam, which is currently being reclaimed by the lush northeast rainforest. The dam is 250m of fern-fringed concrete reminiscent of an ...
Bedroom cubby space on tmax p3200


It would be good to give much thought, before you try to find words for something so lost, for those long childhood afternoons you knew that vanished so completely - and why? We're still reminded ...
I raise up my voice by Brigita Ozolins Hobart Tasmania


I raise up my voice —not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. Malala Work by Brigita Ozolins as part of the Hobart Current: Liberty exhibition. nipaluna / Hobart | ...
Lower Chasm Falls on Kodak Tri-X film


Spiderwebs on my arms and in my face. Black cockatoos flying together shriek their delight. Water moves below. Yellow, brown and purple fungi whisper their first hello. There are three waterfalls ...
Willows at Meander River Deloraine on tri-x film


When i came home from my walk around the river, the house, warmed by the morning sun, smelled of toast. There’s something about toast or bread cooking that stirs up those positive feelings ...