preminghana indigenous protected area by Jade Austen

Formerly known as Mt Cameron West, preminghana is a 524 hectare Indigenous Protected Area on the far north western tip of lutruwita / Tasmania. The land, which contains the finest example of Aboriginal rock art in Tasmania as well as extensive middens and other sacred sites, was handed back to its custodians in 1995.

The 14,000 year old petroglyphs include of a variety of intersecting geometric shapes such as circles, rows of dots, parallel lines and crosses as well as a large bird, much like an emu. The shapes adorn slabs of rock along the northern shoreline that have eroded and fallen away from the nearby dunes. The slabs have now been covered with sand to preserve them from the wild western weather and vandalism, until a more permanent solution can be found.

preminghana is internationally recognised as one of the most interesting art sites ever created by a hunter gatherer society.

Our Tasmania

The day we visited we walked southward from the car park entry point along the rocky shore and found fossils in the red rocks, middens and a variety of coastal vegetation. It was the highlight of our Boxing Day trip to nearby Arthur River.

“Preminghana is one of those places that has a lot of stories to tell about the old people.” Aboriginal Ranger Jarrod Edwards
Woolnorth Wind Farm can be seen on the northern horizon.
The entire population of endangered Orange-bellied parrot migrates through the site twice annually, feeding in the coastal saltmarsh, grasslands, heath and moorlands.
“It’s got some of the rarest plant species that you’ll find, like the Craspedia Preminghana (of which this is not a picture of), only located here on the southern flanks of the mountain.” Jarrod Edwards

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