Musings from a Heart-Shaped Island

Hasselblad 500cm

Dwarf myrtle forest in the Great Western Tiers on Ilford Delta 100 by Jade Austen


Journal Entry …Syds Track. Searching for my final image before heading back down. Here amongst the dwarf myrtles the moss is verdant and bright green. The sky is overcast, light showers ...
I raise up my voice by Brigita Ozolins Hobart Tasmania


I raise up my voice —not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. Malala Work by Brigita Ozolins as part of the Hobart Current: Liberty exhibition.
Lower Chasm Falls on Kodak Tri-X film


Spiderwebs on my arms. Black cockatoos chattering their happiness. Water moving below. Starting to see fungi popping up. Lower Chasm Falls | Smoko Creek Track | Meander Forest Reserve
Sunrise on Kunanyi with hasselblad 500cm and tri-x


My daughter and I headed south for a weekend away. This was definitely one of the highlights; watching the sun rise over kunanyi/Mt Wellington from our hotel room. It was a good experience but we ...
Morning sunlight on myrtles after rain | Portra 160


Snow was forecast on this late winter day so we decided to keep the kids home from school and spend a night in Hills Hut up on Parsons Track. Overnight the snow fell as rain where we were and it ...
Japanese Heartnut and spring sky on Portra 400 film


I recently rewatched Amelie on SBS. I had forgotten how much I love it. Curious Amelie satisfied with simple things. Japanese heartnut on Portra 400. Tasmanian Arboretum | Devonport

2.8 | 22

Comparison of two film scans, one taken at f2.8 and the other at f22. Hasselblad 500cm on Tri-X film. Meander Forest Reserve, Tasmania.
Wispy clouds over coastal vegetation at Narawntapu on Fuji Pro 160NS film


Still round the corner there may wait A new road or a secret gate And though I oft have passed them by A day will come at last when I Shall take the hidden paths that run West of the Moon, East ...
Sassafras leaves on tri-x black and white film


Many years ago the cinnamon scented bark of the Blackheart Sassafras was used to brew an alcohol-free ale named Tanglefoot, which is rumoured to have induced vivid dreams and drunkenness among ...
Rubber ring and reflections at Parsons Falls on Delta 100 film


For a moment I had the place to myself. Just me and the rubber ring. Despite its isolation and elevation (1,030m), Parsons Falls has become a hotspot for Tasmanian locals on summer weekends ...
Steam from mug of tea caught in window light at Lady Lake Hut on tri-x film


Just over one hour’s walk gets me to this hut on the Central Plateau. Lady Lake Hut is 1,130 metres above sea level and the walk is steep. Sometimes there is snow outside this window, ...
Bridge over Meander River in Tasmania shot with hasselblad 500cm on Tri-X film


Why do we embroider everything we say with special emphasis when all we really need to do is simply say what needs to he said? Of course the fact is that there is very little that needs to be ...
Antiques emporium Devonport Tasmania on portra 400 film and Hasselblad.


Each room crawls with trinkets and curiosities from another time. Think cardboard suitcases, leather bound books, wirelesses, floral crockery. See cameras, super 8 video recorders, vinyl, CDs and ...
Tide coming in at Copper Cove, taken on Kodak Ektar


Milk maids. Big-head rabbit-tobacco. Pink lady fingers. Twining fringe-lily. Scented paperbark. Love creeper. Pig face. Leopard orchid… …these are some of the plants we encountered on ...