Sun shining in the Tasmanian bush shot on Hasselblad 500cm by Jade Austen

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved being out in the bush. It was our backyard in Reedy Marsh when I was younger.

I remember finding fallen trees full of dried bush honeycomb and my brother and I pretending we were explorers, discovering our surroundings for the first time.

I have a memory of getting lost behind mum’s place once for what felt like ages, but was in reality only an hour. I found a ‘secret underground well’ and then started to feel pretty uneasy as I didn’t know where I was. A while later I came out on the gravel road up from our house and all was well again.

Montana, Great Western Tiers | Hasselblad 500cm | Portra 160

Dev/scan: Ikigai Film Lab

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