Musings from a Heart-Shaped Island

Kodak Portra

Japanese Heartnut and spring sky on Portra 400 film


I recently rewatched Amelie on SBS. I had forgotten how much I love it. Curious Amelie satisfied with simple things. Japanese heartnut on Portra 400. Tasmanian Arboretum | Devonport
Backlit grasses at opossum bay on Portra 400 film


Gentle in the morning. Cloaking the table succulents. And the kids as they read their breakfast books. The Light. Abrasive. . . . Then it turns yellow. Then pink. Afternoon spheres, dancing. A ...
Antiques emporium Devonport Tasmania on portra 400 film and Hasselblad.


Each room crawls with trinkets and curiosities from another time. Think cardboard suitcases, leather bound books, wirelesses, floral crockery. See cameras, super 8 video recorders, vinyl, CDs and ...
Golden Rock Lily bush tucker plant in Deloraine, Tasmania.


The colour of the morning light as it cuts through the timber cupboards in the kitchen, and across the shiny tiles on the floor. The one time I’m grateful for those black shiny tiles.