Sunlight on tannen waters of Cascade River taken on Tmax p3200

We took a walk down the Cascade River after it burst through the Mount Paris Dam. We followed a family with small children through the rough cut bush track until we could walk no more. I took this photo of the sunlight dancing on the tannen waters. Mount Paris Dam | Northeast Tasmania | Tmax […]

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Sunrise, Tomahawk Beach on Kodak ColorPlus by Jade Austen.

First light over Cape Portland | 6.40am | Kodak ColorPlus I awoke to Xavier Rudd’s Follow the Sun on my iPhone alarm. It was 5.45am and the earliest I’d woken in a while. My body was telling me to stay put, but I wasn’t going to give up the rare opportunity to see the sun […]

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Mount Paris Dam, concrete with ferns. Jade Austen. Tmax p3200

Day 4 of our NE Easter trip took us to the disused Mount Paris Dam, which is currently being reclaimed by the lush northeast rainforest. The dam is 250m of fern-fringed concrete reminiscent of an ancient Incan temple and now with a beautiful tannen-stained river running through the middle. Blink and you’ll miss it though. […]

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