Mount Paris Dam, concrete with ferns. Jade Austen. Tmax p3200

Day 4 of our NE Easter trip took us to the disused Mount Paris Dam, which is currently being reclaimed by the lush northeast rainforest. The dam is 250m of fern-fringed concrete reminiscent of an ancient Incan temple and now with a beautiful tannen-stained river running through the middle.

Blink and you’ll miss it though. We drove via the Tasman Hwy and turned left at the C425. Approximately 11km along Mount Paris Dam Rd, I spied a couple of spray painted pines saying ‘MPD’ and pointing down a small side road, we did a uey and parked at the eastern tip of the dam.

We later visited Cape Portland and the Musselroe Bay wind farm which was impressive with its massive wind turbines, but I ran out of film.

Northeast Tasmania | F2 | Tmax P3200

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