Sunrise, Tomahawk Beach on Kodak ColorPlus by Jade Austen.

First light over Cape Portland | 6.40am | Kodak ColorPlus

I awoke to Xavier Rudd’s Follow the Sun on my iPhone alarm. It was 5.45am and the earliest I’d woken in a while. My body was telling me to stay put, but I wasn’t going to give up the rare opportunity to see the sun rise.

Leaving the kids sleeping, we dressed warmly and headed to Tomahawk boat ramp to check the cloud cover. It was pretty cloudy and I thought the sunrise would either be a thing or it wouldn’t. Within half an hour though the light started to fall over Cape Portland in between the cottony clouds.

We headed west along the beach and watched as the waves met the shore. Birds perched on rocks a little way out were silhouetted in their morning tasks. A single yellow long legged starfish lay flat in the sand. The light made long shadows.

Dev/scan | Ikigai Camera.

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