Musings from a Heart-Shaped Island


Vinyl records and guitar on Kodak Double X cinema film


Without music, life would be a mistake. Friedrich Nietzsche. Welcome to the music room. The loft at the top of the stairs offers a diverse collection of vinyl as well as a crate or two of ...
Steam from mug of tea caught in window light at Lady Lake Hut on tri-x film


Just over one hour’s walk gets me to this hut on the Central Plateau. Lady Lake Hut is 1,130 metres above sea level and the walk is steep. Sometimes there is snow outside this window, ...
Looking out to Bass Strait on black and white film


“Warrawarrawa (they are all dead)”. This is what the Aboriginal people said when Captain Cook’s ‘ghost ship’ arrived at Botany Bay in 1770. The warnings of these ghostly visitors spread ...
Backlit grasses at opossum bay on Portra 400 film


Gentle in the morning. Cloaking the table succulents. And the kids as they read their breakfast books. The Light. Abrasive. . . . Then it turns yellow. Then pink. Afternoon spheres, dancing. A ...
Bridge over Meander River in Tasmania shot with hasselblad 500cm on Tri-X film


Why do we embroider everything we say with special emphasis when all we really need to do is simply say what needs to he said? Of course the fact is that there is very little that needs to be ...
Meander Tasmania. Caravan window and forest with ortho 80 film.


It’s easy to miss the smallest blessings. It was a Tuesday, one of the last days of the year. I woke up to tree shadows against the caravan window. This tiny detail made me smile, I grabbed the ...
Antiques emporium Devonport Tasmania on portra 400 film and Hasselblad.


Each room crawls with trinkets and curiosities from another time. Think cardboard suitcases, leather bound books, wirelesses, floral crockery. See cameras, super 8 video recorders, vinyl, CDs and ...
Monstera in laundromat on Ilford Ortho 80 film.


Sometimes it’s the imperfections that add charm and character, a friend reminded me recently. Thank you for the inspiration Johnny.
Tide coming in at Copper Cove, taken on Kodak Ektar


Milk maids. Big-head rabbit-tobacco. Pink lady fingers. Twining fringe-lily. Scented paperbark. Love creeper. Pig face. Leopard orchid… …these are some of the plants we encountered on ...
Golden Rock Lily bush tucker plant in Deloraine, Tasmania.


The colour of the morning light as it cuts through the timber cupboards in the kitchen, and across the shiny tiles on the floor. The one time I’m grateful for those black shiny tiles.