Musings from a Heart-Shaped Island


Bedroom cubby space on tmax p3200


It would be good to give much thought, before you try to find words for something so lost, for those long childhood afternoons you knew that vanished so completely – and why? We’re ...
Self portrait on tri-x film pushed to 800


I’ve just finished planning for my first wedding shot entirely on film. It’s happening tomorrow around sunset and the weather looks good. Wish me luck!
I raise up my voice by Brigita Ozolins Hobart Tasmania


I raise up my voice —not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. Malala Work by Brigita Ozolins as part of the Hobart Current: Liberty exhibition.
Lower Chasm Falls on Kodak Tri-X film


Spiderwebs on my arms. Black cockatoos chattering their happiness. Water moving below. Starting to see fungi popping up. Lower Chasm Falls | Smoko Creek Track | Meander Forest Reserve
Willows at Meander River Deloraine on tri-x film


When i came home from my walk around the river, the house, warmed by the morning sun, smelled of toast. There’s something about toast or bread cooking that stirs up those positive feelings ...
Sunrise on Kunanyi with hasselblad 500cm and tri-x


My daughter and I headed south for a weekend away. This was definitely one of the highlights; watching the sun rise over kunanyi/Mt Wellington from our hotel room. It was a good experience but we ...
Macro flower on tri-x black and white film


Have been testing the Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 ai-s. It’s a beauty and very sharp. This one must have some fog internally as the camera viewfinder is much dimmer than when using my other f/2.8 ...
Snowball fun at Devils Gullet on Kodak Double X film


Glad we got through this one intact. Tasmania’s summer of 2021 has been the wettest and coolest in 10 years. Now summer’s out of the way, we have autumn fungi and snow to look forward ...
Morning sunlight on myrtles after rain | Portra 160


Snow was forecast on this late winter day so we decided to keep the kids home from school and spend a night in Hills Hut up on Parsons Track. Overnight the snow fell as rain where we were and it ...
Japanese Heartnut and spring sky on Portra 400 film


I recently rewatched Amelie on SBS. I had forgotten how much I love it. Curious Amelie satisfied with simple things. Japanese heartnut on Portra 400. Tasmanian Arboretum | Devonport

2.8 | 22

Comparison of two film scans, one taken at f2.8 and the other at f22. Hasselblad 500cm on Tri-X film. Meander Forest Reserve, Tasmania.